Scotch Buff Sandstone

Quarried near Melsonby in Richmondshire.

Scotch Buff is medium grained, buff coloured sandstone with varying degrees of darker bed markings. The stone derives its name from the fact that the quarry is situated only a mile or so from Scotch Corner on the A1. The stone has excellent weathering capabilities and is ideally suited for all building purposes. There are large reserves with long term planning consent.

The quarry was first worked as early as 1788 and used in a number of prestigious buildings in the area, although historical records are few. Since the re-opening of the quarry by Block Stone in 2001, it has been used on many important projects such as Harrogate Royal Baths; Glasgow Cross; Richmond Bridge; Western Harbour in Leith; Several restoration projects in Bradford; Donaldson School for the Deaf redevelopment in Edinburgh and the Aston Martin factory at Gaydon.

The quarry is worked periodically by our Northern quarry team, either to order or to replenish stocks at the BlockStore in Cadeby. When the team is working at the quarry, collection with artics is available.

Availability from stock is usually 24 hrs. as with all our stones.. Please contact our sales office for further details on 01246 927100 or email:
Average block size: 1500L x 1000W x 800H
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