Dukes Sandstone

Quarried near Whatstandwell in Matlock, Derbyshire.

Dukes Gritstone is medium grained, pink / lilac / purple in colour with beautiful veined bed markings. The stone has excellent weathering capabilities and is most commonly used for facade applications. There are large reserves with long term planning consent.

This stone was originally used to provide material for Sir George Stephenson’s development of the railways. Leicester Jail was built using Dukes in 1825 and has never needed restoration, which is a testament to its durability. The Mappa Mundi building in Hereford really shows this unique stone off to its best as does the restoration of Hereford Cathedral. A popular stone in Scotland it has been used to build several large new mansions. Porthcawl and Birmingham have also seen Dukes used in new build commercial applications.

The quarry is worked periodically by our Southern quarry team, either to order or to replenish stocks at the BlockStore in Cadeby. Availability from stock is usually within 24 hrs. Please contact our sales office for further details on 01246 927100 or email: office@blockstone.com
Average block size: 1400L x 700W x 700H
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