Scotch College, Melbourne

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Project Overview

Location: Scotch College, Melbourne
Architect: Cox Architecture
Type: School
Materials: Cove Red Sandstone

The Sir Zelman Cowen Centre for Science at Scotch College sits sympathetically with the distinctive style of the campus where each level of the new center is a unique learning landscape, bringing together formal teaching labs, staff offices and facilities, and a central learning hub. Cove Red Sandstone was chosen as a link to the College’s Scottish heritage and to blend in and complement the existing buildings at the College. There is nearly a half kilometer of fins on 2 elevations of the building designed to create a sinewave when viewed from the front. These fins are made up of 38 individual stones and project from the building supported from the main structure at the top and bottom. Over 1300 sqm of Cove Red sandstone cladding with its subtle tonality completes this innovative and stunning building.

Stone Types Used:
Cove Red Sandstone
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