Clumber Bridge

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Project Overview

Location: Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire
Architect: Rodney Melville + Partners
Customer: Ranco Stonemasonry
Type: Bridge Restoration
Materials: Cadeby Bed 4 Limestone

A Grade II* listed bridge of more than 200 years old at Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire is open again, more than two years after it was mostly destroyed by vandals. The National Trust along with architects Rodney Melville + Partners and contractor Croft Building & Conservation completed the project in early summer.

The bridge designed by architect Stephen Wright, dates from the 18th Century and crosses an ornamental lake that was created by the damming of the River Poulter by the Duke of Newcastle, who owned the estate for more than three centuries.

A lot of stone had fallen into the water and where possible recovered and reused.

The original stone was no longer available from Steetley quarry so as a close match and for its durability, the stone from bed four in Blockstone’s Cadeby Quarry was chosen. Bed heights of 800mm were required so the 660mm balusters could be made oversize and dressed down on site according to their location on the sloping balustrade plinth.

Croft Building & Conservation and Ranco Stone Ltd replaced nearly 300 of the balusters as well as 16 linear metres each of plinths and copings and various other inserts and replacements.

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Stone Types Used:
Cadeby Bed 4 Limestone
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