BlockStore - A Unique Facility

Being the only one of its kind in the UK makes the BlockStore a truly unique facility. With such an extensive range of British stone our vision was to create a facility where block extracted from all of our quarries was stored and displayed in one central location. Clients can visit and review the full range of stone options without having to travel around numerous different locations in the country or overseas. This unique facility makes the process of stone selection and supply straight forward as well as extremely economical on a client’s valuable time. We aim to answer all of the most common questions or concerns raised during a stone selection process such as certainty of quality and supply. Large scale cladding mock-ups have been erected within the BlockStore presenting each of the stone options as a finished product. Upon selecting a specific stone type the client can go on to select the very blocks to be used for their project. The BlockStore holds a continuous stock of at least 15,000 Tonnes (6,450m3) of the best quality block from our quarries. These stock volumes will be sufficient to cater for even the largest of developments. When stock levels of a specific stone type reduce a certain level we immediately undertake fresh extraction thus ensuring sufficient stocks of all materials are always maintained.

BlockStore holds 15,000 tonnes in stock

16 different British Stones from our own quarries

Stock available all year round

To book a visit to the BlockStore please contact +44 (0)1246 927100 or